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Transforming the Lives of People in Need

Partner with I Am the Way, the Truth and Life Charity Foundation to better the lives of those in need. From housing assistance to veteran support, our charity provides several services for people in our community. We want to change the lives of homeless people for the better.

Life-Enhancing Community Programs

In November of 2015, HUD reported to Congress that more than 600,000 people are in need of shelter in Washington, DC; Northern Virginia, and Maryland. To help rectify this problem, we have started many community programs. Our foundation has received house assistance through many private sectors. We've also created programs to help people address other issues, including:

Health Education | Youth and Family Support | Substance Abuse | Crisis Intervention | Mentoring | Employment | Tutoring | Life Skill Management | Counseling and Mental Health |Food and Nutrition |Clothing | Senior Care

Volunteer with Us

Work with our homeless charity to help us run our different functions. We are hosting a variety of kid and adult events during the summer. If you would like to volunteer for an event, give us a call.

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